Daily Point of Light # 2630 Mar 4, 2004

Ruth Athey took in her friend to live with her and her family after a domestic violence case and divorce, when her friend had no money, car or a home. Mrs. Athey helped her friend to find a house in the neighborhood where she lives so she could be near her children. Mrs. Athey also helped her friend to furnish a large, four-bedroom house with furniture from her antique shop, at cost. This is just one example of Ruth Athey’s kindness and generosity.

Mrs. Athey is a Red Cross volunteer who has served at Ground Zero and numerous other assignments, since her husband’s death. Mrs. Athey also volunteers at the Herrick Public Library gift shop. She has been a guardian counselor and power of attorney for many people whose families live far away. She also intends to donate her body to Mayo Clinic for research.

Mrs. Athey can best be described as a special person, a loving neighbor and friend.