Jake Struensee

Daily Point of Light # 4613 Oct 12, 2011

Jake Struensee is a volunteer with the Heckrodt Wetland Reserve that helps with all aspects of operations such as general maintenance responsibilities and teaching programs, recording data for a citizen science group, helping with program preparation, special events, aquarium care, invasive species management and environmental outreach.
As a not-for-profit, Heckrodt Wetland Reserve is always looking for dedicated, long-term volunteers. Jake serves as an advocate for youth volunteerism. He proves that today’s youth “can give back more than they receive.” He also leads by example, thus allowing volunteers of all ages and walks of life to see what it takes to be a successful volunteer. As an environmental advocate, Jake has attended numerous sustainability and eco-aware conferences and challenges his colleagues daily to be a better person of the earth.
Jake has allowed Heckrodt Wetland Reserve to teach hundreds, if not thousands more people because he allows staff to focus on their main responsibilities and provides assistance in all aspects of nature center operations including youth education.
He is not only an advocate for Heckrodt Wetland Reserve, but a true steward of the earth. This is why Jake is a Daily Point of Light.