Stevie Nelson

Daily Point of Light # 4612 Oct 11, 2011

Stevie Nelson, a 6-year-old from Tilden, Neb. lost his two Labrador retrievers, Bo and Luke, two days before his first birthday. His only birthday wish was to have them come home, a wish that was never granted.
Animals have always had a special place in Stevie’s heart and after seeing a commercial for the ASPCA, Stevie knew he wanted to help more animals in need. For his sixth birthday, instead of having guests bring him gifts, Stevie requested toys, treats, food, collars and money, all to benefit the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society (NENEHS). The shelter was in the process of trying to build a “No Kill” shelter in Northeast Nebraska for unwanted dogs and cats.
Family and friends gathered to help make Stevie’s sixth birthday wish come true. An outpouring of support was not only seen locally, but as news traveled of Stevie’s wish, folks across the nation were moved by his selfless act of kindness and started making both monetary donations and product donations, all to helps support Stevie’s cause. Stevie received donations from nearly each state across the U.S. and also inspired volunteers, including new foster care parents to volunteer for NENEHS.
When asked if he feels that this fundraiser was a success, Stevie states, “I am just happy to get to help more animals feel loved.”
Stevie’s original goal was $6,000 to benefit the NENEHS. To date he has raised more than $25,778.19 and has had more than $6,000 in product donations. He is an animal advocate, telling his story to whomever will listen and hopes to get the shelter built soon so more animals can be saved. This is why Stevie is a Daily Point of Light.