Jurnee Carr

Daily Point of Light # 4611 Oct 10, 2011

Growing up with a love for animals, Jurnee Carr’s life was changed the day her Girl Scout Troop volunteered at a local animal shelter and she learned that 6.5 million cats & dogs are euthanized every year in the U.S. Instead of asking for presents on her birthday she asked for donations and raised more than $500.

In 2007, at the age of 12 she founded and established a nonprofit organization, Jurnee’s Journey, which provides funds and support for animal shelters in Tennessee. Her mission is to end animal euthanasia by promoting awareness. Last year in 2010 she won the title of Miss Teen Tennessee International and also became a member of The Humane Society’s Youth Advisory Board. Her success has helped her spread awareness to thousands of people.

Jurnee sell Paws and Claws jewelry on her website to raise funds as well as hold several fundraising events each year. She coordinated the Prevent-A-Litter Mobile spay/neuter clinic to come to her hometown 3 times in 2010. Over 255 dogs and cats in that community were spayed/neutered during those events.

Since then multiple mobile clinics have been set-up throughout her town and surrounding cities. To date she’s raised over $15,000 and donated it all to help animals find permanent loving homes in Journey’s End Animal Society of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Jurnee believes that one by one, everyone can make a difference: “It’s so important for teens to get involved in something they believe in. Together we can, and will, end euthanasia.”