Daily Point of Light # 2761 Sep 3, 2004

Dr. James Boozer is the director of the Evening Homeless Medical Clinic at the Modesto Gospel Mission. He assists in the care and well being of the homeless and poor in the community. He is an unselfish citizen whose contributions to the homeless far exceed anyone’s expectations both as a medical doctor and a volunteer.

Several years ago, the Modesto Gospel Mission worked to open an Evening Medical Clinic. The group had office supplies, volunteers and insurance. They lacked a director to oversee the clinic and all its operation. At that time, Dr. Boozer presented to the mission to volunteer his services as a doctor. The Mission took the opportunity to advise him of their predicament and asked him to step in as the director of the clinic. Even with the short notice and his intent only to volunteer as a doctor, Dr. Boozer graciously accepted the non-paying position as the Evening Medical Clinic Director.

Dr. Boozer puts in countless hours to ensure the clinic runs smoothly and the patients are getting the appropriate and necessary medical treatment. He completes quarterly audits on patient files to make sure proper medical attention is being administered and that patients are not abusing the system. In addition, all volunteer doctors are reviewed to guarantee continuity throughout the medical clinic.

The medical clinic is run solely by volunteers and donations. It is a free clinic that costs the homeless nothing. Because of this, Dr. Boozer faces the obstacle of receiving donated medical supplies to keep the clinic running. Though homeless patients have no money or medical insurance, they can receive treatment through the Clinic. There is a never-ending stream of men, women and children who need medical attention.

Dr. Boozer dedicates his time so that the homeless population in the area can receive proper medical treatment. People in the community are much healthier and the emergency rooms are less congested because of the Modesto Gospel Mission’s Evening Medical Clinic. He has a compassionate heat and his only compensation is the gratification of improving the lives of the homeless.