Daily Point of Light # 2762 Sep 6, 2004

Michael Lane is an outstanding young man who has been a leader at Seabreeze High School for the past four years. While maintaining a weighted grade point average of 4.4, he has still made the time to serve in his community and make Ormond Beach a better place to live. He has been recognized as a National Merit Finalist because of his high SAT scores and was named Volusia County School Board’s Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Year. Michael is a giving teenager that puts other ahead of himself.

He is a member of many organizations at his school including the National Honor Society, Idealist Art Club, Ceramics Club and the Spanish Honor Society. He is also very active in tutoring his peers in the subjects of Chemistry and Spanish. When he is not volunteering at school or at club meetings, Michael assists in the school tutoring program by matching students with tutors in subject that they need assistance in. Michael also assists the teachers at school. He sets up science labs and helps out in the ceramic studio.

In addition, Michael helped to coordinate the Reading Aloud with Partners (RAP) program with their feeder school, Pine Trail Elementary. He continues to work with the program as much as he can while still keeping up with his school work and other service commitments. Michael spends about two hours each week at the school reading to students, selecting books and working with the elementary school teachers when he is needed.

Michael brings pleasure to both his peers and the children at Pine Trail. They are excited when they are finally able to master a skill that has given them trouble in the past. Those he tutors are happy when they are able to answer problems and understand concepts after his help.

Michael has been ranked first in his class and continues to keep a high grade point average. In addition to his service with his school, Michael has also accumulated more than 200 volunteer hours while working as a Pasty Chef at the Oaks Wine and Gourmet and participating in the Cross Country Club, Crew and Robotics. He has also volunteered regularly at Peridot Place, an elderly care facility where he talks with and reads to the patients. He also helps three other elementary schools set up and maintain their Fall Festivals. He also donates his time to Daytona Beach Fun Festival and the Greek Festival.