Daily Point of Light # 1995 Sep 26, 2001

James Johnson is a man who makes himself available at any time to support school, church, and other community events. He particularly looks to serve youth in activities that will lead to their healthy and positive development and looks forward to his time working with the Boy Scouts.

Johnson lives by example. Whether it is a planned outing or something that just comes up, he is there. One day a class was short of drivers for a field trip. A group of children were standing outside the front entrance of the building looking downhearted upon hearing there were not enough drivers for the trip. Just as it seemed that these students might have to stay behind, Johnson drives up, and in his quiet way asked if he could be of assistance. In a matter of seconds, long faces were replaced with smiles as the children loaded into his van and the field trip went on as planned. Johnson did not come to school that day for that particular purpose, but he saw a need and changed his plans for the children.

Johnson’s leadership and tremendous involvement in education is evidenced by the hundreds of hours he volunteers each year in the school system. He served three terms as the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) president at North Layton Junior High. Though he does not have a student at the school, Johnson is on the PTSA board at North Layton. In addition to the many hours he spends fulfilling his leadership responsibilities for school, he readily takes on any situation at school that requires a helping hand.

Another example of his unselfish actions is assisting a home economics class with a food demonstration in the morning before he had to attend a PTSA board meeting over lunch. On top of that, after leaving his lunch meeting, Johnson was met with an emergency request to put together the community newsletter before school let out that day. Without a moments’ hesitation, he made a plan, rounded up a crew of students, and got the newsletter out on time.

In addition to spending time with the youth or the school system, Johnson volunteers at the Union Station in Ogden, Antelope Island, Boy Scouts of America, and for his church. Recently, he heard about a need to help make 700 sack lunches for a workshop and came to assist at 6 am. It was not a surprise to the organizers because he does things like that daily.

James Johnson is an example to his community and especially the children he serves. He preaches determination, dedication and a work ethic. He backs that up by giving hours of his time with the PTSA, school and other organizations. He helps provide a foundation upon which the next generation gains confidence, strength, and the awareness they need to lead successful lives.