Jane Hoppe

Daily Point of Light # 1430 Jul 28, 1999

Jane Hoppe has been a volunteer instructor at E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School since 1990. During this period of service, she has dedicated four to six hours of tutorial and small group instruction each day. Hoppe is described as an individual who is, "rarely absent and one that demonstrates rare consistency and devotion to service."

Hoppe has achieved excellent successes in her role as tutor and adjunct instructor within the school's Chapter I Reading Lab. She has improved the reading performance of many children and given individualized attention to at-risk students. In addition, Hoppe has planned and prepared numerous activities that actively inform and involve parents in their children's academic performance. Her specialized training includes computer programs, Star diagnostic testing, Slosson Reading Screening, student assessment programs and strategies, providing individualized instruction and Assured Readiness Learning, a comprehensive phonics and learning styles program.

Hoppe's volunteerism does not end with her weekly classroom instruction, but also includes several other contributions of her time. She has hosted reading celebrations at the school, operated reading lab booths at fairs to obtain funds to purchase additional materials, donated money, books, and materials to the school and has driven to a regional Book Fair and purchased many additional books for the classrooms.

Hoppe has become an essential staff member at the school. Her work with at-risk students fills a gap that rarely can be addressed by the classroom teacher alone. She has become the model volunteer of retirees and has attracted more than 20 others to assist with the school instructional program. The program of daily classroom trained volunteers has become very successful and a staple to meeting the diverse needs of at-risk children.

Most of the credit for the growth and success of the volunteer tutors and classroom assistants is directly related to Jane Hoppe's years of service to E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School.