Daily Point of Light # 3145 Feb 23, 2006

Jeannie Kipp wears many hats, and some say she should have an “S” on her chest because she is Super Woman, Super Mom and Super Volunteer. Kipp is active in her community and spends much of her time serving with the United Way of the Brazos Valley.

Kipp served in the capacity as member of the Board of Directors for quite a while, and now works as Marketing Chair with the United Way. Her background in advertising has helped to get exposure and coverage that well exceeded anyone’s expectations. Kipp’s work has also enabled the organization to establish long lasting relationships that will aid in continuing to publicize the services that the United Way provides. Her ability to jump in and take control of a situation is unmatched in any way. She can be seen planning a marketing strategy or being in charge of clean up after a large event. Kipp is an example of grace under pressure and is very dependable and consistent.

In addition to donating a large amount of her time to volunteering with the United Way movement, Kipp also serves with other groups. She is active in her church primarily through its music ministries. Kipp sings in various choir groups with the church, performs in a hand bell choir and is often featured in a key role during the church’s annual Christmas musical.

Kipp also serves groups that her children are affiliated with. She helps out with her son’s Little League team and her daughter’s dance group. Kipp also believes it is important to be a strong example to her children and teaches them to respect others in the way they speak, carry themselves and in all their actions. She hopes that her community service is an example to her children so they can follow in her footsteps and continue to leave a lasting legacy for the College Station community and beyond.