Daily Point of Light # 3146 Feb 24, 2006

Patricia Dunkum is an amazing individual. Patricia is a volunteer at the Missoula Art Museum and an inspiring volunteer, mother, wife, and friend. While she has volunteered in nearly every capacity at MAM since it opened in 1975. Patricia’s undeniable support for the organization is truly outstanding. It is no exaggeration to say that she attends every single MAM function—whether a social reception or educational program. Enthusiasm, dedication, sincerity, and grace all make Patricia Dunkum one of MAM’s most valuable assets.

Patricia lived and traveled abroad for 30 years before returning to Missoula. She served on the boards of the American Women’s Club of Madrid and the American Women’s Group of Paris. In the 1950’s in Uruguay, Patricia served on a women’s group within the American Embassy called Friends to Uruguay.

Since her return to Missoula 30 years ago, Patricia has volunteered at the Missoula Art Museum, the Mansfield Library, RSVP Meals on Wheels, the University of Montana Lodge, the UM Fine Art Department as assistant to the Chair and the Art Associates as a founding board member. In 1995, Patricia began her service on the Historical District Committee in the University area. She worked ardently with the group until their goal was achieved years later: the University neighborhood obtained status as a historic neighborhood.

At the Missoula Art Museum, Patricia volunteered in the 70s as secretary on the Board of Directors. Over the next two decades, she has worked in the gift shop, as a special event assistant, and as a docent. In 2003, she began monthly service on the MAM Collection Committee where she assists the Museum in important decision-making regarding the permanent collection and has volunteered additional hours to consult with artists personally to strengthen some of MAM’s most valued donor relations. Additionally, she continues to work a bi-weekly shift as a Gallery Attendant.

She does it all and with a contagious smile and a keenness that encourages the rest of us to work harder. The Missoula Art Museum and the Missoula community simply wouldn’t be the same with Patricia Dunkum on our side.