Jeff Stevens

Daily Point of Light # 3764 Jul 8, 2008

Jeff Stevens has been a selfless volunteer through many years to help improve the City of Missoula, MT. In 1996, he was appointed by City Council to serve on the committee to organize Neighborhood Councils and has served in leadership positions on his Neighborhood Council since that time. He has worked tirelessly to secure many grants. He secured the funding for construction of playground equipment in a local park.

He initiated the establishment of the South Hills Trail System which consists of more than 10 interconnected bike/pedestrian trail routes that are designed to link all the neighborhoods, city parks, and schools in the South Hills area. There are more than 80 trail marker posts, 20 signs and numerous benches. Jeff even managed to secure an easement for one of the trails.

Jeff has volunteered for the Carousel for Missoula and has helped carve many horses through the years. He is currently serving his 2nd 3 year term on the Open Space Advisory Committee which advised City Government on open space issues.

Jeff has always embodied the spirit of dedication and volunteerism. One of his first positions was as an organizer of the Treasure State Charity Horse Show which was an annual 5 day event with the proceeds from the show being donated to the Humane Society. He continued volunteering his talents for this event for 10 years.

Jeff continues his unselfish dedication and service to the citizens of the state of Montana through his volunteer activities with the Missoula Police Anti-Graffiti Task Force. This program has set the standard in quick response to graffiti sites and eradication of unsightly graffiti.

For many people, often times the elderly, the service has been the only means of dealing with graffiti on their homes or businesses. The immediate eradication of unsightly graffiti helps quell the fears that graffiti can instill in the community. Jeff has coordinated with officers in the Crime Prevention Department to keep the Anti-Graffiti Task Force to keep the city free of this vandalism. The Missoula PD salutes you!