Daily Point of Light # 3763 Jul 7, 2008

Rick Selwood and his faithful kanine companion, Tucker, have been commited volunteers at the assisted-care facility in their community. Selwood and Tucker had a particularly special impact on one of the residents. 

Grace had recently been moved to a new assisted-care facility. During Grace's first week in residence, she was very depressed and kept herself in her room. No one was allowed to enter her room. When we first tired to visit with Grace, our knock on the door was answered with a resounding "Go Away". The second week we were a little more persistent, and informed Grace that there was a dog to visit her, which she was thrilled about.

As the weeks continued, Grace started to look forward to Tucker's visits. She even started leaving notes on her door that read "Please do not disturb, except for Tucker". Grace even started to leave her room, and wait for Tucker in the common areas, mingling and chatting with other residents. Grace also suffered from a progressive disorder of the eyes that was causing her to lose her vision. But Grace appreciated and enjoyed having a furry face and warm nose to snuggle. This way she could use her hands and sense of touch to enjoy her visits. Tucker also encouraged Grace to talk about her very interesting life, which included several expeditions around the world with her husband, as well as to remember the good times, and not dwell on the things that were causing her sadness.


Dev Staff