Daily Point of Light # 2847 Jan 3, 2005

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a super hero, or princess waiting for he knight in shining armor to save her? What about if you could single handedly use your powers to save the world from destruction? Yes, it does seem like a fantasy, one that we all shared in our youth. What’s really neat is, to see how children and their families react when they start to play with the Kids Kart, Express Yourself! It takes them away from reality, into different places and times, and mostly takes their hurts away!

Both the kids Karts & Kids Karts. Express Yourself!, offer hospitalized children , along with their families, to be those heroes by dressing up and allowing their minds to take them to different places or by using their hands to design, create or learn to do something new!

Jeff and his team of builders have created over 12 kids Karts & Kids Karts, Express Yourself! For pediatric hospital wards as well as children’s centers in Nevada and California. They continue to build, stock, and deliver the donated Kids Karts & Kids Karts, Express Yourself! They are expanding to many other states, and internationally to Peru, South America, just for the asking.

Jeff and his team spend 20+ hours a week on the project and it’s success, over the three-year period totaling well over 3500 hours!

Jeff has also started a newspaper column entitled “Everyday Heroes,” that highlights youth and their achievements, from superstars and those who show exceptional courage in those quiet moments. With much success, Jeff’s expanding team will be presenting a cable talk show, featuring spotlighting youth, their accomplishments, plus the things that make them special and unique.