Daily Point of Light # 2846 Dec 31, 2004

Rhonda Miller moved to Cedar City nine years ago. As long as she has lived there, she has been known in the community for her concern for others and involvement in several projects. Projects she has been involved in have: helped school children in India, the Navajo tribe in southwestern Utah, the Family Support Center in Cedar City, Park Discovery in Cedar City, and others.

In the spring of 2003, several neighbors were discussing Jourdyn Cleveland, a 15-year-old girl in Miller’s neighborhood who had been diagnosed with cancer a year earlier. The family was in an economic predicament because of the costly cancer treatments and associated expenses. Everyone said, “Someone should organize a fundraiser.” By the end of that day, Rhonda had decided she would be that someone.

Miller has five children ages one through 13, and her husband, Richard, is frequently out of town with his National Guard responsibilities. The Miller’s had recently learned that they would need to relocate to another county in Utah, so Miller had much to do preparing for the move. She put all these plans on hold to plan, organize, and accomplish the goal of raising $10,000 to help the Cleveland family.

Miller started with a group of women who agreed to help. She carefully delineated specific responsibilities for each. Rhonda is a person who sees the big picture and yet knows exactly what details are necessary for putting the pieces together. She planned a 5 K race, a fun run, a kids carnival, an auction, a rummage sale, a dinner, two concerts, car wash, police dog demonstrations, haircutting, a bake sale, food booths and a craft fair. She worked full-time on this project, many times into the early morning, for two months.

On April 26, 2003, Jourdyn’s Jamboree was held – it was a phenomenal success! Over $22,000 was raised for the Cleveland family in that single day. Miller recognizes social problems on many levels, from the family struggling to meet the exorbitant costs of cancer treatment, to the needs of children who need a safe and stimulating place to play, to the needs of children she will never meet but who need a stove to keep warm or need pencils and paper to continue a sporadic education. Her selfless service to individuals, groups, causes, and the community of Cedar City is a great motivator to all who know her. Because if Miller has the time, anyone has the time!