Jill Lassiter

Daily Point of Light # 4716 Mar 6, 2012

Dr. Jill Lassiter is an assistant professor of health/exercise science at Bridgewater College in Virginia. During the past two school years, her personal and community health class partnered with Our Community Place (OCP) to design, raise money, and build exercise equipment on their property. Students spent time assessing the needs of OCP, raised more than $2,000, made detailed plans for the equipment and spent four days building with the help of professionals, OCP staff and community members. Current students will work to develop and implement fitness activities and educational sessions to at OCP.
The equipment provides an opportunity for an underserved population in Virginia to have access to fitness equipment and instruction. It gives the students an opportunity to learn more about their community and use their health and exercise expertise to better their neighborhood. Dr. Lassiter not only brought equipment and instruction to her community – but she engaged four different semesters worth of students, setting up approximately 300 students to make service a larger part of their lives. This is why Dr. Lassiter is a Daily Point of Light.