Joan Mulloney

Daily Point of Light # 3953 Mar 30, 2009

Joan is a relentless animal rescuer and spends quite a lot of time assisting in the rescue, care and placement of homeless dogs and cats, using her own resources. When you can’t find anyone else to help, Joan tries to be there. She assisted recently with the transport of a dog listed on “Dogs in Danger” to a safe haven in another state. She offered to pay the veterinary expenses for a disabled man’s cat and has taken an elderly Shar Pei into foster care in her own home after the dog’s story was emailed to her. Joan helps many animals that might otherwise be euthanized to find forever homes.

All who come into contact with her are more humane, less discouraged and more motivated to do what they can to end animal suffering. And, of course, the animals whose lives she has touched are so lucky that their paths crossed—it’s like meeting your own guardian angel.

She inspires greatness in others and provides an example of what can be done with determination and a desire to help.