Jody Fazzano

Daily Point of Light # 3954 Mar 31, 2009

Jody Fazzano is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master's degree in social work and is qualified to counsel people with substance abuse issues. In addition, Jody formerly was a news producer for the local ABC affiliate, channel 6 in Providence, RI. Jody has continued her work in the social/clinical area as an independent case worker. To say that she maintains a busy schedule would be an extreme understatement.

It is said that the true character of a person comes out when a community or its citizens face their greatest need. In Jody's case, the need was during the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav and later Hurricane Ike. After viewing the damage to property and the despair of the people on TV, Jody contacted the local American Red Cross chapter, hopped on a plane and spent nearly a month in the disaster zone, working 12 hour shifts comforting, consoling and counseling people as an unpaid volunteer. This is truly an act of a selfless person, putting herself at risk in order to help others, but is not surprising to those that know her.

It is nearly impossible to assess and quantify the impact on the community or region where Jody volunteered, along with others representing the Red Cross and other service organizations. However, the after action reports that are routinely filed with the Red Cross chapter CEO's in order to evaluate and improve disaster response indicate Jody's help was exemplary. It is safe to say that she lent a helping hand to hundreds during her time in the disaster zone.

Jody has also served as a trustee at The Wheeler school for years, a volunteer at the Wolf School for children with special needs, she is a former Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald house here in Providence as well as supporter of CARITAS house for people fighting substance abuse issues. She has accomplished this as a breast cancer survivor and nearly dying after being struck by a car. The Fazzano name has a long history in Rhode Island of civic involvement, volunteerism as well as widespread philanthropic endeavors. Jody following in her family’s footsteps in these areas should come as no surprise, but the public she has helped over the years is forever grateful for her contribution.