Joe Coikon

Daily Point of Light # 3791 Aug 14, 2008

Through his volunteer service as both a museum docent and Public Affairs Officer at the Midway, Joe is an exceptional advocate for both volunteering and patriotism. He is truly personable, bringing the ship’s story to a broad audience.

In April 2007, Joe was singled out from hundreds of Midway volunteers to receive our Volunteer of the Year award. As a role model to all who work at the Midway Museum, he has put in thousands of hours of volunteer work in leadership positions. One of the main reasons for Midway’s success has been the quality of its volunteers, and clearly Joe Ciokon is the MVP amongst his peers. He is dedicated to the museum mission and, in addition to the great work he does while onboard the ship, is their #1 public speaker in the community.

When the museum began, Joe worked to establish a Midway Speakers Bureau. As part of this project, he represents the Midway when the media or VIP’s need to hear from a museum representative. He also continues to maintain liaison with local civic, fraternal, and business organizations for the purpose of promoting the museum and its programs.

Joe also assists their Education and Exhibits departments with Navy orientations and historical materials. This included helping to acquire nearly $100,000 worth of video production equipment for use in the museum Oral History Project, documenting veteran’s stories for future generations. He has also established rare opportunities for Midway staff to go on board active duty ships for research and educational enrichment.

Joe is a man of great principles, integrity and a work ethic that makes it seem like he is still on active duty in the Navy. He is truly a San Diego superstar.