Wayne Deaver

Daily Point of Light # 3792 Aug 15, 2008

Wayne Deaver is an invaluable member of three Douglas County Emergency Management Volunteer organizations: Douglas County Auxiliary Communications Team (ACT), Skywarn, and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Wayne is a committed member of the Douglas County ACT which is a volunteer organization that provides adjunct support and communications to local governmental units before, during, or after and emergency or disaster situation such as floods and severe weather.

Wayne is also a vital member of Skywarn as the training officer and coordinator of speakers for the Douglas County Severe Weather Symposium. This symposium is open to the public to teach storm spotting skills, severe weather safety and preparedness and other severe weather topics. In addition to these Skywarn duties, Wayne also serves as an on-call Skywarn Net Controller during severe weather activations. He is responsible for coordinating incoming and outgoing information to all Douglas County Skywarn storm spotters. This pertinent up-to-the-minute information of threatening weather conditions is quickly passed along to Emergency Management Staff and the National Weather Service to be disseminated to the public by local media or through severe weather warnings to keep the cities and citizens of Douglas County and surrounding counties abreast of changing weather conditions.

Wayne is exceedingly devoted to the CERT program in Douglas County. He completed the nationally certified 28-hour course that teaches individuals to function as a member of a team to perform essential life safety actions while awaiting the arrival of professional emergency first responders. CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency response where individuals will initially on their own and where their actions can make a difference. Not only is Wayne a member of CERT and dependable to volunteer to provide first aid during fairs and other events, but he is also an instructor. This training is offered at no cost to citizens teaching them disaster preparedness, fire suppression, light search and rescue, basic first aid, and much more. In 2007, Wayne served as an instructor and speaker coordinator for the CERT training which involved 40 participants. That’s 40 more people who are disaster aware and a little more prepared.

Wayne is always ready and willing to perform any function requested and to better prepare himself and those around him. His dedication to service is obvious in the amount of time spent volunteering during his “free time” as Wayne works a full-time job.