John Cox

Daily Point of Light # 4725 Mar 19, 2012

John Cox of Augusta, Kan., knows how important it is for families, friends and brothers in arms to reconnect with their loved ones at their final resting place. It’s there where they pay homage, honor the fallen soldiers with decoration and label their plots as servicemen, allowing all that visit the cemetery the ability to pay their respects for their service to our country. John’s devotion and long hours shows he is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those he will most likely never even meet.

At the cemetery, John maps and documents burial plots so that families and friends can easily find their loved ones. Families are able to place flags and plaques to honor their soldier’s honorable service.

In addition to his work at the cemetery, John delivers meals and books to homebound seniors in the rural area, installs smoke detectors for community members in need, helps unload food trucks for the local commodities program and serves on the board of the Augusta Senior Center.

John’s selfless, caring and patriotic service to veterans and his community is what makes him a Daily Point of Light.