Mandy Ashley Chung

Daily Point of Light # 4719 Mar 9, 2012

In 2007 Mandy Ashley Chung felt the need to reach out to the elderly in her community and bring those living in full-time homes more joy on a daily basis. As a minor it wasn’t as easy as just walking into the home to volunteer, but her persistence and her idea of sharing her love of music with the residents convinced the administration to allow her in the company of her parents. She invited a friend to join her and started a classical music group playing their violins, piano, flute and cello called “Strings of Love”.
For the past four years Ashley has continued her work at Heartland Healthcare System in Austin, Texas. On a monthly basis, Ashley plans and leads a group to play live music, sing and talk with the residents. Over time she has started to cater her music more towards oldies that the residents are familiar and get excited about. She also brings music shakers to pass around and allow the residents to take part in the performance. In 2011 Ashley extended her efforts to include the Arden Courts healthcare system. The population at Arden Courts is more Alzheimer-based.
Ashley also reaches out to youth in her community at the Settlement Home of Central Texas. In the summer of 2009, she taught violin lessons for a class of six adolescents at the home. She joined forces with a friend who played the cello and put together a finale concert that featured students who had gone through their lessons. Ashley and her friend raised more than $1,200 to pay for the rental fees of all the violins and cellos needed for the summer teaching program.
Ashley’s love of her community and music extends to the Settlement Home’s annual Thanksgiving dinner where she has played music for the last three years. She also gives her time at her local church where she joins her family to prepare, pack and deliver sandwiches to the needy in the community.
Ashley’s commitment to her community at such a young age is what makes her a Daily Point of Light.