John Hall Chevrolet/Ritchey Cadillac Sales for WARM

Daily Point of Light # 3907 Jan 23, 2009

The salespeople at different auto dealerships participate in an ongoing payroll deduction to provide food, fun and presents during a holiday celebration for the women and children of project WARM including a catered dinner for clients and their extended families.

Santa and an elf or two make a special visit and bring gifts for all. While the child tells Santa what they want, staff writes the list down and those wishes come true on Christmas morning, too. The mothers also celebrate with a family Christmas meal on Christmas day and all of this is provided by the donations received.

The clients are in awe of the fact that people who do not even know them care about them and their children. For one snippet of time, this celebration during the holidays, the salespeople make it possible for the clients to create positive memories during the holidays.

They deserve to be recognized because they represent the heart that the people of Daytona have. They care. They bring hope and cherished memories to those who are not normally given the opportunity. This program has an extremely positive clinical impact on the women and their children and that is where these volunteers get their inspiration.