June Holmes-Sloan

Daily Point of Light # 3906 Jan 22, 2009

June Holmes-Sloan, a top level career executive, meshes her management skills with her deep love for nursing home patients by managing the Hospice of Volusia/Flagler's North and Central nursing home volunteers. June has been volunteering for over three years and now oversees a group of twenty five volunteers and eighty patients, as well as disseminates information, makes placements, mentors new volunteers, organizes meetings and encourages others to volunteer.

Nursing home patients are often overlooked and under visited. Visits from volunteers who are well prepared, well informed and well supported provide the caring presence so many patients crave. June not only brings more prepared volunteers as a result of her enthusiasm, but she also keeps her own volunteers feeling appreciated. her steadfast devotion to nursing home patients has helped the group to double volunteer visits in the past year.

After her first year of volunteering, June began to see that the Hospice of Volusia/Flagler was capable and had potential for so much more. June offered to manage one nursing home and because of the wonderful results she received, she began to take on more nursing homes, duplicating the successes in each one.

June, through her passion and unabashed love of nursing home residents has transformed the way the organization manages volunteers who visit nursing homes. Even through a debilitating bout with surgery, June has managed to keep directing the nursing home volunteers during her recovery. Because of her infectious passion, work ethic and strong belief that this is a mission of great worth, June Holmes-Sloan was nominated for Outstanding Senior Volunteer of the Year.