Special Team Always Ready with Smiles (STARS)

Daily Point of Light # 3905 Jan 21, 2009

Since 1996, the Family Renew community's town Secret Attic Thrift Shop has been supported by the Special Team Always Ready with Smiles “STARS” volunteers. The STARS team have committed almost 15,000 hours in just this year alone!

The STARS team is a group of self-starters who need very little supervision and are truly dedicated volunteers. They work to raise money for homeless families with children living in the Family Renew Community's three campuses. The Holly Hill campus has fourteen families, Daytona Beach has eleven families and DeLand has seven families. This is a total of thirty-two families on any given day.

The Secret Attic Thrift Shops are the Family Renew Community's largest single fundraiser. In 2007, sales grossed $280,288. The STARS team volunteers work well together and care deeply in their mission of helping support the Family Renew Community's Program. Their hearts are generous and caring.

The STARS are bright examples for the Family Renew Community. They care deeply about the families who are facing homelessness and share their time and talents with them.