Millie Samples

Daily Point of Light # 3904 Jan 20, 2009

Millie Samples began interning at the State Attorney Victim Services Program, but eventually became a devoted volunteer to the crime victims that she was assisting, contributing many more hours than was required by her internship.

Millie's eagerness to learn about advocacy and the criminal justice system quickly resulted in her competency and ability to perform many tasks beyond what would be expected of her as an intern.

Millie has provided crisis intervention, referrals to community resources, information and education and court room advocacy to victims directly and indirectly. She has assisted hundreds of domestic violence victims since coming to the Office of the State Attorney. Her dedication and knowledge has resulted in victims of domestic violence recognizing they are not alone, that the abusive act was not their fault and that help is available to ensure their safety and the safety of other living in the household.

Millie's work with domestic violence victims has certainly resulted in reducing violence in homes in Volusia County and may possibly have saved lives. Stopping violence and victimization through intervention and advocacy provides invaluable service to society as a whole.

Millie's effort to educate and assist victims has undoubtedly resulted in interventions that build healthy relationships and hold abusers accountable for their actions. Her kind heart and outstanding critical thinking skills made her well suited to work with diverse populations sensitively. She provides hope and safety for the victims and has become a vital, valuable member of the victim advocate program at the Office of the State Attorney. Her energy is contagious, and Millie is an inspiration to all who know and work with her.