Joseph Quiros

Daily Point of Light # 3238 Jul 4, 2006

Joseph Quiros has a distinct ability to address community needs and this ability has benefited the Seaford, New York community greatly. Joseph created The MacArthur Generals Safe at Home Charity Softball Game in hopes of helping community members who are affected with tragedy or crisis. Many, including school administrators, peers and community members, have recognized his innovative and unique approach.

Sports have always been a huge part of Joseph’ life. He currently plays baseball and golf for MacArthur High School, and his love of the game is evidenced by being part of the team. Community service has also been integral to Joseph. He gets great satisfaction knowing that community members benefit from his volunteer efforts. In April 2005, Joseph decided to combine the two things in is most fulfilled by, and he founded The MacArthur Generals Safe at Home Charity Softball Game.

Joseph’s goal was to have the MacArthur High School baseball teams (JV and Varsity) play in a friendly/competitive softball game against their coaches and fathers, as well as to raise money for a local worthwhile cause. He succeeded in his mission by suggesting that each player contribute by making a donation, and the response was overwhelming! Over 100 of his teammates and their parents participated.

Joseph’s time management skills were definitely challenged putting this together. Baseball season was upon him, and he had to get the proper permits, obtain umpires, set up the field and publicize the event while studying for AP and final exams. This proved to be an exhausting task; however, it was still a task that he completed.

Upon learning of the unexpected death of a teammate’s father during the planning of this softball game, Joseph knew who the recipients would be. This father of five was a lifelong Levittown resident and an avid community volunteer, and Joseph wanted to help his family. Community members and spectators were amazed as the bleachers were full of enthusiastic fans, and after three hours of good-natured bantering between teams, over $1,000 was raised. What initially began as a challenge to Joseph is now an ongoing annual school event.