Arthur Losher

Daily Point of Light # 3239 Jul 5, 2006

Arthur Losher has been a role model to the community because of his philanthropic contribution and voluntary services. Losher has served as a Local Director for Community and Local Director for Chapter Management for the Peoria Jaycees, and he personally chairs and implements both new and old projects. During his time with the Jaycees, Losher has chaired in excess of thirty projects. Dale has brought Jaycees National Projects to the Peoria Jaycees; Project 10 Pin, Love Letters and Jaycees Against Youth Smoking are just a few programs Losher has brought online to the Peoria area. Jaycees Against Youth Smoking is a program that is brought into middle schools and teaches the negative effects of smoking and is an excellent early intervention program Losher has brought to scores of children in the Peoria area schools. The program is currently expanding its reach.

Losher received Outstanding Prairieland Jaycee for the 3rd Quarter 2004, Runner-up Jaycee of the Year 2005, and many state awards for projects as well. He has brought new members into the organization and cultivated their skills to chair projects. Under his guidance many rookie Jaycee members have been awarded some of the largest honors the Jaycees offer. Losher’s dedication to the community can be summed up as outstanding, well known, and a benchmark for others to follow.

Losher also serves with the American Diabetes Association and developed a new project called “Darts for Diabetes” last year. This program helped raise more than 2,000 dollars for the American Diabetes Association. In addition to this work, Losher has brought to the area and chaired Pepsi Pitch, Hit, and Run, which is a community-based project that tests kids’ skills and sends the winners to Wrigley Field for a national competition. Losher also raises money for the American Cancer Society through Silent auctions, runs independent self-development projects such as cake decorating, candy making, fund raising, and chairs some of the Peoria’s most important community service projects. Because of Losher’s service there is a new, higher standard for community projects such as T-ball, Night Golf, Bergner’s Community Days, Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt, Firecracker 5000 and more.

What was once summed up as “beyond normal limits” can describe Losher’s impact on the community. The Multiple Sclerosis Society gave Dale the Outstanding Volunteer Award. He has been in the news several times promoting or describing his community efforts. He has been nominated as the WEEK Hometown Hero and mentioned several times in local papers. He also contributes to the government in many ways. As a Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of Optometry and an Emergency Medical Technician for the 182nd Illinois Air National Guard, Losher has excelled in his department and updated his department to maximum efficiency in many ways. During the ongoing war campaign, Losher has enhanced mobility by offering a variety of options for troops to receive their equipment. He has ensured that the 182nd is 100 percent ready for every contingent and equipped in every deployment. Dale has received NCO of the Year for 2004 and 2005 for the 182nd.