Claudia Davis

Daily Point of Light # 3240 Jul 6, 2006

Claudia Davis has been a volunteer at the Audio Studio for the Reading Impaired since April 2000 and a member of the Board of Directors since 2001. The Audio Studio records printed material onto cassette tapes for people who because of a physical disability cannot read for themselves. The volunteers work in teams of two, one person reading the material and the second person (Monitor) operating the tape recorder. Davis is both a Reader and a Monitor, which makes her doubly valuable. On any given day they will have volunteers cancel and Davis can work in either capacity.

In addition to reading books and magazines for the clients, Davis has become friends with one special client, Inam Shalati. Inam sends her birthday and Christmas cards, and the printed material from her music CDs and tapes for Davis to read. Davis always has a personal greeting for Inam and takes great care in describing the cards in much detail.

Davis volunteers four hours a week at the Studio and for the past four years has been honored at their volunteer Luncheon for donating more than 100 hours of her time at the Studio. Davis has been a definite asset to the Audio Studio and is always willing to work extra hours if they need a last-minute replacement. Davis delights in getting to know the clients personally and developing relationships with them.