Reverend Merwyn Davidson

Daily Point of Light # 3241 Jul 7, 2006

Certain people in a community make a difference, not only by contributions, but as role models, leaders and instigators for others. Dr. Merwyn Davidson is one such person.

Davidson's first career was minister and missionary, serving congregations in Nebraska and Japan. Retiring in 1995, he and his wife moved to Aurora, NE.

The strength of Davidson's contributions is impossible to measure. The youth of Aurora have benefited from his commitment, values, direction and leadership.

Reverend Davidson's strong presence in the Aurora United Methodist Church has involved him in the spiritual needs of the youth through Sunday School and devotion groups. Merwyn and his wife offer inter-denominational Bible study/support groups to all youth of the community where they minister to over 100 young people during any one week.

At the Aurora Middle School, Davidson volunteers by monitoring halls and tutoring in classrooms. He has implemented a Jr. Optimist program involving over 60 youth promoting community involvement. His influence and presence are relevant connections for the youth.

Davidson's greatest influence is in MOVING the community. His tangible accomplishments are the youth center and theater, created, established, and directed by him and now led by him through the Hamilton Recreation Foundation.

More than that is the loyalty and commitment he leads and inspires. Like a Pied Piper, Davidson recruits volunteers and support. There was no community movie theater or youth center when he came, but now is run by volunteers. New facilities for the youth center was brought about by donations and various support.

For 10 years he has addressed the needs of Aurora's young people with time and devotion. His passion for providing safe, positive opportunities for growth and service for the youth has mobilized the community of Aurora, establishing a foundation for future success.