Josh Seides

Daily Point of Light # 5269 Jul 25, 2014

Whether communicating with family or catching up with friends, technology has become an ever important field of communication in our community and in our world today. With this increasing importance, many people, especially senior citizens, lag behind and form what is known as the “digital divide.” Technology has and will continue to prove as a hindrance to senior citizens wishing to stay connected to loved ones until the problem is solved. Josh Seides created Technocademy, which addresses these issues by offering free technology education.

As an Atlanta high school freshman, Josh founded Technocademy in 2012, a nonprofit organization serving senior citizens in living homes by teaching them to use technology to connect with their family and friends. His organization educates seniors, who are often out of touch with family and uneducated on the use of Internet, cell phones, and iPads. Many seniors are also physically unable to leave their homes, often preventing them from learning about new technology and how to use them. Through Technocademy, Josh strives to help senior citizens stay connected with their family via technology without traveling. Plus, senior living homes, which are often short on resources, do not have to worry about a cost for the classes or transportation to classes.

So far, Josh has recruited many volunteers from his community and high school to assist him in teaching seniors. He works with National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) at Alpharetta High School to pool talented volunteers who will continue to provide support yearlong. He also continues to reach out to others on a consistent basis.

One of the main factors Josh focuses on during lessons is inspiring senior citizens to continue using technology by themselves. With constant motivation from Josh’s group, impacted seniors continue to advance their use of technology in order to stay in touch with long-distance family. Along with the lesson, each course includes an instructional packet that serves as a supplement. Participants can use the packet as reference for help or assistance on any technology concept. Each packet includes charts, diagrams, and other helpful information. Furthermore, these packets are created specifically in a format easily comprehensible by senior citizens.

As of July 2, Josh has already helped 135 senior citizens in 9 different senior living homes. With the number expanding every week, Josh predicts Technocademy will have served 250 seniors by the end of the summer. Each week during the summer, he holds 3 to 4 classes at various senior homes. At each lesson, senior citizens are able to learn about new technology through 1-on-1 training and interactive conversations in a classroom setting.

As Josh says, it only takes a single idea and a vision for change to make a difference. For more information on Technocademy, check out Josh’s website here:

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