Varun Mehta

Daily Point of Light # 5270 Jul 28, 2014

Sometimes students fall behind in school and there isn’t always enough support to help them catch up. Schools rely on the volunteer efforts of teachers and students alike to make up some of the lost ground. Varun Mehta did just this when he saw students falling behind in math. After watching his mom take a course on Vedic Mathematics, Varun was inspired by this holistic approach to understanding the number system. It simplified daunting multiplication and division in a way that is easier for younger students to grasp. Varun learned this approach to mathematics, and then he took his academic talents and put them to work.

Varun began volunteer teaching elementary and middle school students enrolled in the free class “Vedic Mathematics” offered in Long Island, New York. His students learned this unique and holistic approach to math allowing them to excel in school and boost their confidence. But Varun realized students everywhere should have the opportunity to learn these techniques. After traveling to his home country of India and seeing the enthusiasm of the students in the remote and rural villages, Varun got an idea to spread his teaching to these kids.

First, he needed to polish and refine his rudimentary Hindi skills in order to communicate better with the students and teachers. Then he taught himself the computer technology skills to create and upload videos and study materials for his students. He now has his own YouTube channel where he uploads his lessons for all to view. The videos are 20-30 minutes long and take a great deal of time to create, but Varun doesn’t mind. He has numerous subscribers tuning in to Varun’s techniques making all of his efforts worth it. He has over 90 students in India studying Vedic Mathematics with his guidance and he has 15 students enrolled in a class he offers here in the United States. With over 70 subscribers to his YouTube channel, Varun has helped countless children and young adults learn a new approach to understand math. Varun is an excellent student himself, and now he is helping other students reach their full potential and succeed.

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Dev Staff