Daily Point of Light # 2888 Mar 1, 2005

In recognition that more support was needed for victims of crime in Laconia, New Hampshire, The Victim Services Unit of the Laconia Police Department was created in the spring of 2003.

The Victim Services Unit is made up of volunteers who work in connection with the prosecutor and officers of the Laconia Police Department.

Judi Lundh is an original member of the Victim Services Unit. She has maintained her commitment to helping victims of crime from May 2003 to the present. Judi works full time as a middle schools teacher and volunteers one or two afternoons per week at the police station.

As a member of the Victims Services Unit, Judi is assigned cases and is responsible for contacting victims. Judi has assisted victims of thefts, assaults, rape, and property crimes. Judi has worked with victims that run the spectrum of the social/economic spectrum as well as the culturally diverse population. Judi informs the victims of the pending prosecution, providing dates of hearing and answering questions regarding the court process. Judi also provides information/referrals to services in the community to address issues involving domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse to name a few.

The contact with the victim is not a one time event, communication continues until the prosecution is complete. The ongoing nature of the contact frequently results in Judi being viewed as a support for the victim.

In addition to her direct support of victims, Judi has assisted in the administration of the Victim Services Unit. Judi has participated in a television commercial to recruit additional volunteers. She has also assisted in the training of new volunteers.