Judith Lackey

Daily Point of Light # 3274 Aug 23, 2006

Around Aetna, Inc., Judith Lackey's name is synonymous with a number of different things, but above all her name is always associated with avid volunteerism. It is not only her donation of time to various organizations that makes Judith stand out, but her enthusiasm and heart with which she fully commits herself sets her apart.

Lackey has acted as the Middletown Aetna Volunteer Council (MAVC) Chair for the last two years and as co-chair for three years before. Under her leadership, the MAVC has realized an incredible rise in membership, increasing from 50 to 160 members, all of whom donated an astonishingly large number of hours to various causes. This is a direct result of the support and encouragement that Lackey lends to her fellow employees. Through her excellent example of commitment and positive attitude, Lackey has motivated everyone around her to become more involved.

Lackey has accomplished many things through her association with various organizations. Driven by her own mother's battle with cancer, Lackey has donated so much of her time to organizations involved with raising money to fight cancer and to raise awareness about the disease. Among those causes, she has worked for the past four years with the CUREchief Foundation to create CUREchiefs, which serve as headwear for cancer patients. Lackey also served as a team leader in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk for each of the last five years. By walking 60 miles over 3 days, she contributed to the Avon Foundation's effort to raise millions of dollars.

That's not all. She has been an active member of Project Lead for the past four years, for which Lackey collects and delivers winter coats to shelters. She is also on the Bowl for Kids' Sake committee, and when the organization expressed a last-minute need, Lackey raised $200 by forming four teams and donating raffle items. Lackey and her family also volunteer at soup kitchens and shelters around the area during the holidays. She headed the distribution of a cookbook, "A Tribute to Heroes," with proceeds going to victims of 9/11. She also organized a Hurricane Katrina Relief drive that collected over 1,200 items in less than three days. To advertise for these organizations and many more, Lackey has coordinated several non-profit fairs held in the Middletown Aetna office to introduce outside organizations and to promote volunteerism to Aetna employees.

Above all her numerous accomplishments, Lackey's infectious personality leaves a mark on all who come in contact with her, motivating friends, family and community members to join her volunteer efforts. She has been able to touch so many different communities with her service, each benefiting from a dedicated volunteer who logs 300-plus hours yearly. As a testament to this personality and to the selfless volunteerism that Lackey has displayed for many years, she was awarded the 2006 Aetna Voice of Conscience Employee Award.