Judy Jarman

Daily Point of Light # 5891 Dec 13, 2016

The Minnesota Children’s Museum is honored to have Judy Jarman as one of its most outstanding, kind, and dependable volunteers.  Since 2009, Judy has contributed almost 1000 hours of volunteer service in a variety of roles at the museum. Judy first began to volunteer at the Museum in 2009 as a Story Time/ Imagination Corner Volunteer.  Each Tuesday morning, she comes in to read stories to children; she makes the experience interactive, engaging both the children and adult visitors. She sings songs along with the stories and encourages the children to join in. Judy also develops her own interactive literacy program from hundreds of choices that will last a half an hour, making changes to programs already in place as well as creating new ones for staff to use.

In addition to being out on the floor, Judy also works as an administrative volunteer in the volunteer services office.  She has been helping in volunteer services longer than most of the staff, making her an essential member of the team.  Judy helps with the volunteer onboarding process, data entry, and volunteer recruitment.  Since 2009, Minnesota Children’s Museum has counted on Judy to not only help out on the floor educating children, but also behind-the-scenes advancing the volunteer services department and its staff and they are lucky to have her!

Jia Gayles