Daily Point of Light # 2917 Apr 11, 2005

Julia’s love for Spanish motivated her to work with immigrant workers and their families. Living in Ecaudor for a year has helped her develop a love for the Spanish language, the culture and its people. She loves working with the immigrant and their families because they are so friendly and kind to not only to her but to others around them. Julia had to had to put a lot of self energy and understanding to volunteer at the Sterling Place. She helped with the children’s program by helping them answer questions they had about homework and she recruited some of her friends to come and volunteer even if they did not speak Spanish.

She helped the immigrant workers and their families feel more secure and happy in America knowing that they had someone to and someone who could relate to their culture and language. There were a few people who were directly affected by the help that she offered because she had grown closer and made a connection to these families.

Julia learned a lot from this experience. She learned the life of an immigrant from moving to a foreign place to working and living as we do in America. She was able to grow by listening to their stories and working with their children. She understands how connecting to others can make all the difference in the world. She learned various things about ESL and is interesting in continuing that learning. She can recall sitting with the children and learning about their day at school. Another experience is when a mother came in to get their child, and I was reading a book to the a child at that time; she came and started trying to pronouce the words and she was interested in learning English as well as her child. Today, the immigrant workers and their families still call Julia to talk to her and see how everything is going.