Kate Avino

Daily Point of Light # 5648 Jan 7, 2016

Her Culture  is an engaging online platform dedicated to expressing women's languages, traditions, customs, and cultures. It is an organization that invites women to share their knowledge about their world – a world composed of dancing, storytelling, music, art, fashion, education, and so much more. Unfortunately, many women across the globe lack the true understanding and knowledge of what makes their cultures unique. Her Culture’s mission is to bridge these gaps and to draw all women towards global unity.

Kate Avino started her online magazine, Her Culture, as a high school student. Her Culture is intended to share the culture of women from all over the world so that there is more understanding, and a better knowledge of, the life of all women.

kate_avino_pic..jpgKate Avino

Her Culture introduces women to women globally. Female writers are able to promote themselves through their experience with Her Culture. Since its founding in 2013, Her Culture has become global and has acquired over 85 female writers worldwide. The media platform has facilitated several partnerships with other magazines and organizations across the globe; Her Culture is now part of World Reader, which gives e-reader written material to students learning to read in developing countries.

Avino experiences living in an international community at New York University. She is devoted to her ambition of bringing peace and understanding to women globally using her education at NYU and her free online magazine. She is 20 years old and able to reach out to women of all ages by encouraging them to join the global community of women. Writers and staff for Her Culture are able to express themselves without censor, gaining experience and credentials.

Avino has a passion for a “culture revolution,” a coin she termed at Her Culture’s founding; to develop understanding through sharing information of global cultures. She helps women communicate to other woman. She encourages women to develop themselves through writing, through sharing their cultures and understanding life throughout the global community.


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