Kate Garner

Daily Point of Light # 4297 Jul 27, 2010

Kate Garner began volunteering one day a week with a local hospital. Once Kate saw that there was a need for her to be more involved in volunteering, she decided to give more of herself.

Kate volunteers with the Phoenix Children's Hospital, taking therapy dogs to visit patients and their families. When she realized that if she was there more often, more patients would get to visit with the dogs, Kate doubled her shifts and began to train other volunteers to assist with the Animal Assisted Therapy program.

Kate's participation in the training of new volunteers has resulted in more efficient volunteers who are able to bring this service to more patients. She believes so strongly that volunteering in this program helps patients heal, that she now paticipates in fundraising activities that have brought additional funds and supplies to the Animal Assisted Therapy program.

She speaks at fundraising events and to those in her community, and has even encouraged her daughter Nicole to participate in fundraising efforts. Through that inspiration, Nicole has had fundraising activities at her workplace, making an additional 40 people aware of the program and its needs. More than $500 has been raised along with donations of supplies from this group.

Kate recently volunteered at two fundraising events for this program, one in March 2010 and one in April 2010. With Kate's dedication and energy, the Animal Assisted Therapy Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital will be able to touch the lives of many more patients.