Katherine & Christina Sommers

Daily Point of Light # 3214 May 31, 2006

Animal abuse and neglect are a concern that isn’t addressed everyday so people don’t think about it often. Animal shelters everywhere are filling up to the limit and more and more people are just dumping more and more animals off in the shelters. They need all the help they can get so that is where Katherine and Christina come in.

Their project of raising awareness demonstrates hands-on service that results in building connections with the community. This affects the community and although a community member may not own an animal, they are not isolated. Usually when there is a problem with an animal and they call for help with an animal, the community does not have any resources to help. Katherine and Christina have worked with many kids and adults in spreading the word about the problems the shelters face. They talk with hundreds of people and have made many appearances to discuss this topic. Although the race season to fundraise starts in March, there is another car show and another opportunity to raise money for all the pets in the shelters. These shelters need the sisters’ support to assist in food, money and supplies year round.

The money that is raised and used to buy food, get medical attention, and programs to inform people about the problems the animals face. When they have food and medical help, the animals can live healthy and have the happiness they deserve as living, breathing and feeling animal. People signed Katherine’s racecar for $1 to raise awareness for the shelter. Katherine has been driving a racecar since the age of 8 and has used this skill that she has won 3 championships for a worthy cause. A total of $870 as collected for the racecar signing and in this coming year, Christina will start racing and hopefully use her skill to raise awareness and money to continue to assist with the shelter.