Kathy Baver

Daily Point of Light # 3407 Feb 23, 2007

Kathy Baver has been an outstanding mentor in the Governor’s One-on-One mentoring program in Boone, NC. Kathy has been working to help the community’s serious social problems by working one-on-one with a child providing hope and a future as well as positive choices. The local community is plagued with methamphetamine use and extreme poverty. Kathy is working as a mentor with a young girl from a low-income, single parent family. She has given her time, dedication and love to this young lady since November of 2005.

During their relationship, Kathy has worked to ensure that Michelle has a caring adult in her life. She has taken an interest in Michelle’s life and made it possible for her to feel special. Kathy has provided a birthday party, taken Michelle out for a make-over and gone shopping with Michelle to help her find clothing that fit so she could be more confident.

Sometimes Michelle may not feel as safe in her own home. Kathy has a keen awareness for Michelle and stays with her in the home until an adult is able to come and take care of Michelle.

In addition, Kathy encourages Michelle with regards to her health. She has introduced her to nutritious food choices as well as teaching her how to prepare them. Kathy cares about Michelle and wants her to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Kathy encourages Michelle to exercise and find joy in being outdoors and action.

Kathy wanted Michelle to see that women can and do many things both in and outside of the home. Kathy helped Michelle host a dinner party for local professional women in the work force. She used this time to learn from the women and see them as role models. In addition, Kathy has helped Michelle learn marketable skills by working with her on the computer. They even created a power point presentation together!

Michelle has also been taught to give. Kathy and Michelle bake and make other things to share with others. They work together to find items to donate to local nonprofit agencies that will benefit other youth. Kathy has encouraged Michelle to stay involved in her community and they volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Kathy makes time in her schedule to mentor a special youth, Michelle. In the process, they have developed a relationship and both have grown. Michelle has shown significant improvement wince being paired with Kathy. Michelle is more confident and articulate. She is also making healthier life choices.