Keith Anderson

Daily Point of Light # 3219 Jun 7, 2006

Mr. Keith Anderson is a veteran who has been volunteering at the Buffalo Veterans Administration (VA) medical Center since April 2002. During these four years, Anderson has accumulated over 4,000 volunteer hours.

Anderson has taken an active role during his volunteering time. He goes above and beyond of what is asked. He is always smiling and eager to help others, while expecting nothing in return. He has a positive attitude and epitomizes the term “volunteer.”

Anderson packages and hands out “welcome kits” to new patients that are admitted into the VA Medical Center in Buffalo on a weekly basis. These kits have personal care items that patients can use to freshen up. On Thursday s, he sets up and pops popcorn to raise money for the Volunteer Recognition Program and Awards Ceremony in May. Additionally, he is an active volunteer in the No One Dies Alone Program (NODA). Through this program, he serves as a compassionate companion to those patients that have 48-72 hours left of life.

Anderson goes above and beyond regular volunteer assignments. He helps with the set-up, service, and cleanup of refreshments during ceremonies, which are often held mid-afternoons. During weekends, he will take groups around to assist with various recreational activities and tours. This year, he took a student group to visit the patients for Valentine’s Day. He is an active volunteer for our annual Re-Entry Support Team (REST) picnic and helps with food distribution as well as greeting people.

Anderson helps to transport supplies throughout the hospital. He keeps track of the supplies and lets them know when they need to order more. He also serves as a mentor for the new volunteers and is always making them feel welcomed and assists them in any way that he can. He often asks, “How can I help you?” or “How are you today?” and will check in every day with the members of the Voluntary Service Staff to see what their needs may be for that day. He truly cares about people and his community.

Anderson is an active volunteer with his church and the community. He works with troubled youth through his church, serves as a mentor and role model for them, and volunteers as a security guard with his church congregation. In addition he transports his friend for chemotherapy three times each week. Anderson is reliable, dependable, friendly and truly an asset to the veterans, their volunteer programs, and his community.