Kellon Oldenettel

Daily Point of Light # 5671 Feb 9, 2016

The importance of socks, though it may seem pretty simple and rather inexpensive, should never be taken for granted. For the past three years, Kellon Oldenettel has been collecting and distributing new socks to those who are financially disadvantaged.

Collecting socks for those in need is so easy anyone can do it, just ask Kellon. At just seven-years-old, his project – Kellon's Sock Drawer, has already collected and distributed over 5,000 pairs of new socks to those less fortunate.

"It does not matter how old you are, you can always make a difference," said Kellon.

Kellon's Sock Drawer has evolved into a recognizable asset of the Jacksonville, Illinois community. The program not only provides for those individuals in need, but the Sock Drawer directly services the local homeless shelter as well. Though Kellon is just a child, his effort has no limitations.

Kellon engages different people of the community to help with his cause. From children in his grade school, to a local college women's society, Kellon reaches out to any and everyone that can assist. Besides reaching out to get others involved, Kellon also helps in collecting the socks, wrapping collection boxes as well as coloring and decorating flyers.

A lot of organizations will tell you that socks are often the most overlooked item and the least donated. Kellon is helping change that. Whether it's the actions of children or adults, or whether it's assistance from the Salvation Army or the local real estate company, Kellon's volunteer efforts is helping lead his community to a better place.

Dev Staff