Kelsi Cunningham

Daily Point of Light # 5073 Oct 24, 2013

Kelsi Cunningham focuses her volunteer efforts on the well-being of the local Baldwin County community of Milledgeville, GA. As a member of Delta Zeta sorority, she has directed her talents in digital media toward a variety of pressing needs in the community such as suicide prevention and the needs of developmentally-disabled adults.

Earlier this year, Cunningham joined forces with The Life Enrichment Center (LEC) of Milledgeville, Georgia, an organization serving adults with developmental disabilities, to organize the “Greene Mile,” a 5K race in honor of a wheel-chair bound man with cerebral palsy. The Greene Mile served both as a way to make the honoree’s dream come true to compete in a race and as a fundraiser for LEC’s music therapy program. Cunningham recruited members of the George College community to participate. Cunningham’s work turned what was once an LEC event only into a large-scale community collaboration. Her work also created new exposures for the honoree and new friends while raising essential funds in the process for the music therapy program, which can flourish.

Now that members of the Georgia College community have participated in the Greene Mile and have seen how rewarding it is, they are well-disposed to join in again and keep it alive in future years. The Greene Mile has now become an established annual event that engages Georgia College students in bettering the community of Milledgeville through improving life for developmental disabled adults at LEC.

Dev Staff