Kentucky Coalition of School Volunteer Organizations

Daily Point of Light # 1354 Apr 13, 1999

The Kentucky Coalition of School Volunteer Organizations (KCSVO), a non-profit organization recognized by the Kentucky Department of Education, realizes that schools cannot work successfully without the integrated support from students' families and the community. KCSVO was formed in 1992 with 22 board members and goals to establish a self-sustaining coalition of local school volunteer organizations in each school in Kentucky, to ensure volunteer training and support to local school districts, to create a network for all those associated with the school system who endorse volunteerism and to establish a state wide process of recognition of volunteer service.

KCSVO has more than 160 members and representation from across the state of Kentucky and continues to grow as more districts and schools recognize the value of school volunteers. Its conferences are designed to provide opportunities for training of school administrators, staff, parents and community members. In addition, KSCVO developed a 230 page manual, given to every new member, which outlines and explains the steps involved in starting and maintaining a volunteer program.

In an effort to recognize and reward the many volunteers that make up the programs that are in place across the state, KCSVO holds an awards luncheon each spring. Each school member may nominate one outstanding volunteer. Each nominee, along with one guest, is invited to attend the luncheon and receives a plaque in appreciation of their services to their school. From these nominees four state winners are chosen (elementary, middle school, high school, and district) and each receives an engraved clock in addition to their plaque.

KSCVO is striving to meet the needs of the students and teachers by teaching them how to take an active role in their schools, a measure that is critically important to the future success of their children. KSCVO is committed to bringing parents, community and schools together to provide a safe, productive educational environment that is conducive to learning.