Daily Point of Light # 2390 Apr 3, 2003

Two years ago, Volunteer San Diego approached KFMB- TV Channel 8 about creating a partnership that would recognize the efforts of some of San Diego’s best corporate citizens. Channel 8 immediately responded and ultimately went the extra mile.

Called “Make Volunteering a Way of Life”, the campaign features 30- second commercials that open with a call to action from the community. The center of the commercial highlights the community outreach of a local company or two companies, then the spot ends by directing viewers to Volunteer San Diego’s web site to find ways they can get involved in the community. Originally seven corporations were highlighted, and those companies have been so pleased with the community and internal impact, that other companies are joining the pace setting companies to take part in phase two of the campaign, which begins in 2003.

Originally, the companies paid for the airtime, but Channel 8 contributed all production of spots and also added unscheduled inventory whenever it was available. In some cases, this meant almost double the number of commercials promised in the contract.

From the beginning, channel 8 has dedicated all of the station’s resources to this campaign, creating a station-wide initiative called Volunteer 8. Channel 8’s two lead anchors, Michael Tuck and Kathleen Bade, have become the spokespeople of Volunteer 8. The station regularly runs PSAs featuring these highly respected members of their on- air staff urging San Diegans to get involved.

The effort is responsible for doubling the hits to Volunteer San Diego’s website over the past year. The Public Affairs Department of the radio station actively participates in the planning of four station sponsored volunteer events each year. This spring, publicity from Volunteer 8 for our “Family Volunteer Day” event resulted in 1,500 citizens signing up and participating in the day of service at San Diego parks. The News Department regularly runs stories highlighting outstanding San Diego volunteers, bringing valuable exposure to small local agencies and publicizing the need for mentors for San Diego’s disadvantaged youth.

It is clear that KFMB- TV is committed to leading the charge in San Diego, urging all residents to make volunteering a way of life.