Kristina Skagen

Daily Point of Light # 1302 Jan 29, 1999

Kristina Skagen, a graduate of Homestead High School in Mequon, WI, was a delegate to the "Wisconsin Promise" her senior year, fall 1997. The summit brought together young people, corporations, non-profit groups, universities and colleges, local and state government and concerned citizens to assist local communities in implementing the five national goals of "America's Promise" for youth. This summit inspired Kristina to make a difference in her school.

Kristina began a Volunteer Club at Homestead High School in the fall of 1997 to provide students with an opportunity to give back to their community. The initial meeting was attended by 70 students who wanted to make a difference. The Volunteer Club is involved with many projects, many of which are long-term.

One of the projects that will be continued indefinitely is the tutoring/mentoring program. The idea for the program began when teachers at the junior high level approached Homestead High School expressing a need for tutors for their students. In response, Kristina immediately developed a set of guidelines, held training sessions and implemented the program, which has grown from a simple tutoring program to a rewarding mentoring program.

Additionally, Kristina has organized an AIDS walk for the students and is organizing opportunities for students to work in a local food pantry. Kristina spends her lunch hour handing out a variety of volunteer information to her fellow students to make them aware of how they can get involved in the community. Thus far, she has logged in more than 500 hours of community service.