Kristopher Patterson

Daily Point of Light # 5768 Jun 23, 2016

Volunteering is often looked at as an extracurricular activity, mostly done when one comes across some free time. For Kristopher Patterson, volunteering is no chore nor an afterthought, it is a focal point in his life.

Patterson’s involvement in the San Diego community is second to none. While he has a lot on his plate, juggling his own personal endeavors, he refuses to let that get in the way of his desire to help others.

Among being a devoted husband and loving father, he is also an active naval officer. When he is not assisting at home, or navigating ships, he can also be found pursuing his Master’s Degree. Though his plate is undoubtedly full, Patterson still manages to volunteer his time to several outlets.

“One of the examples I can give is that he volunteered for the ASYMCA (Armed Services YMCA San Diego) toy drive,”said Carlos Martinez, a Naval Captain. “He issued toys for service members children, so that they can have a better and prosperous holiday season.”

When it comes to balancing responsibilities, and still finding a way to impact your community, there is no better example than Patterson. Giving back is more than just a hobby to Patterson, it is a way of life.

Patterson’s list of volunteer deeds in the San Diego community runs deep. He has volunteered all over town. The ASYMCA, Our Daily Bread of Seneca, Meals on Wheels San Diego, San Diego Habitat for Humanity, Veterans Village of San Diego, are just a few places he volunteered.

It’s quite impressive how Patterson manages his time between his military duties, family obligations and furthering his education. His selflessness never wavers. Patterson shows us all that no matter how busy one may get, or regardless of how hectic your schedule may be, you can always find time to provide a helping hand.

Dev Staff