Daily Point of Light # 2842 Dec 27, 2004

Kyle Rasmussen has been volunteering in the Utah community since his youth. He grew up in Sandy, Utah and served as a volunteer for Sandy Parks and Recreation organizing umpires and referees for little league baseball and basketball games as a teenager.

Having graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy, 24-year-old Rasmussen, now a 1LT, USAF, volunteers with the Salt Lake City Chapter of the American Cancer Society. He has also served on the Gala and Relay for Life committees. Currently, he serves as chair of the Relay for Life Committee and the Salt Lake City Volunteer Division Leadership Chair for the American Cancer Society. Rasmussen is also working on a leadership tool aimed at increasing cancer awareness in northern Utah. He believes this will be invaluable in enhancing community involvement in the fight against cancer and will hopefully improve participation in cancer relays throughout the state.

On the weekends, Rasmussen makes the time to volunteer in LDS Hospital’s Shock and Trauma Intensive Care Unit. On average, he devotes in excess of fifty hours a month to volunteering in some capacity. At a time when so many demands are being placed on our military servicemen, Rasmussen, in addition to his service to this nation, still finds time to contribute to his community.