Kylie Stowers

Daily Point of Light # 3356 Dec 14, 2006

Kylie Stowers, a member of the Cleveland County 4-H, has taught approximately 150 children how to avoid the temptation of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, as an instructor in the 4-H Life Rocks program. “There is so much peer pressure on children my age to start using drugs and alcohol just so you’ll be in the cool group,” said Kylie, “By getting involved in the Life Rocks program, I hope I can help other children make healthy lifestyle choices that will be beneficial to them in the future.”

To become an instructor, Kylie first had to attend a three-day training seminar sponsored by National 4-H Council and Mississippi State University. Then, with help from her 4-H leader, Kylie contacted local schools and after-school programs in her community to offer the program, planned her presentations, bought supplies, and began speaking to groups of 8- to 14-year-olds. “I feel it is very important to educate younger children on the bad effects of illegal substances and to give them the skills for making positive decisions in their life,” said Kylie, “It always makes me feel excited and happy when I am able to help someone feel better about themselves.”