Kymanie Quarrie

Daily Point of Light # 5383 Jan 1, 2015

Kymani Quarrie started KQ Cares in 2010 – at the tender age of 7 years old – after seeing a group of homeless sleeping on the streets of Miami. He asked his mom if they could do something, and he’s been been working to help people in need ever since. Now 11 years old, Kymani continues to lead the way, garnering support from more than 200 young people in his community, as well as a long list of name-brand sponsors, to help serve the homeless and collect items needed.

His organization, KQ Cares, holds drives for items needed by local shelters that support the homeless. He and his friends have collected towels, lip balm, socks, clothes, food and hygiene items. KQ Cares also hosts a meal to serve 200 homeless men, women and children every month. The effort attracts volunteers of all ages, starting from 5 years old and up, to help prepare and serve the meal.

Through his efforts and dedication to finding ways to help, Kymani has now been invited by local shelters to aid in their efforts to help those in need. This young changemaker has a growing list of volunteers waiting for their opportunity to help serve.

Dev Staff