LaDrene Coyne

Daily Point of Light # 4286 Jul 12, 2010

Preparing for, and finding a job in this economy is difficult task. Add a disability into the mix, and the obstacles to employment may feel utterly insurmountable. But disabled residents in the state of Washington have someone to help them overcome both the fear and the challenges of employment, and her name is LaDrene Coyne.
For the past ten years, LaDrene has volunteered to help youth and adults with disabilities lead a full life. She founded the Washington State Business Leadership Network (WSBLN) as a way to bring businesses together to create real change in the employment of people with disabilities.
To jump start her organization, LaDrene personally went door to door and talked to businesses about the fears and objections regarding employing those with a disability. Those personal visits worked. Business owners began to attend networking events specifically geared for disabled job seekers.
But, this raised awareness has done more than open up employment opportunities for the disabled. Just as importantly, LaDrene’s organization has opened up the eyes of an entire communtiy to a segment of the population so often overlooked.
Today, LaDrene leads 13 Board Members and seven Youth Committee Members in continuing to reach out to businesses, hosting networking events, and helping young people with disabilities get ready to enter the workforce.
LaDrene works tirelessly to inspire people with disabilities to reach for their dreams. Her dedication has altered lives, and has united a community behind an important cause.